Enrolment and Fees

Enrolment for 3 year old and 4 year old programs are centrally organised by the Frankston City Council.

For further information or to register, visit the Frankston City Council or call the central enrolments team on 1300 322 322 or visit www.frankston.vic.gov.au

If you have any questions or concerns regarding enrolments at Paratea Preschool you are welcomed to contact the staff at anytime on (03) 9787 3842. 

2023 Timetable

2023 Enrolment Information

Children’s Starting Ages

Under the National Quality Framework, the minimum educator to child ratio for children under three is 1:4. For children over three years of age the ratio is 1:11. For services that can cover the required ratios for children under three years old, these children will be able to attend. 

Services can work with families of children born between January and April to decide whether to enrol their children in the year they turn three, or the following year. These decisions will be up to individual families. Factors that might be taken into consideration include the individual child’s developmental and learning levels, family circumstances and preferred school starting age. Families should be encouraged to talk to your service’s kindergarten teachers and other early childhood professionals such as Maternal Child Health nurses to help inform their decision. Children under three will not be able to attend a funded kindergarten program until their third birthday. 

Funding an Additional Year of Kindergarten 

Currently, children in Four-Year-Old Kindergarten program who have developmental delays in two or more key areas of development and would benefit from a second year of kindergarten will be eligible to access a second year of funded kindergarten following an assessment by an early childhood teacher. 

All children in Three-Year-Old Kindergarten will be expected to transition to Four-Year-Old kindergarten in the following year. A funded second year of kindergarten will only be available for children in the Four-Year-Kindergarten Program.